Even when I first started to think to think about producing “FUNADE NO TOKIGANE,” I had the idea that I wanted

the Satsuma biwa and contemporary dance to perform together.

Japanese traditional culture and classic performance arts all have their foundation in the very people of the area

where they were born. When you feel like you have lost your way, they make up something which you can always fall

back to.

However as the times change, we also need to make efforts to innovate, and I believe that when you have managed

to find a good harmony between tradition and innovation, it is when the gate to a deeper world of art opens.

In this modern age, new inventions and tools are constantly being made, new rules and regulations are being applied,

information is spread easily and the convenience of modern transport ties all sorts of people together.

There's an old saying that goes: “He that would know what shall be, must consider what has been.”

In other words ‒ old and new should not be considered conflicting forces; it is when you connect the two that the

potential for new expressions become near limitless. You could say that this is also the theme of this exhibition.

I believe that respecting the identities of those around you is what it means to value your own identity.

Through this performance, I want relay that it's completely possible for people to share their differences with

one another, and still coexist in this world..

I want to let this rapidly developing modern international society know this.

Finally, this be a free show. Reason being: I wish for people who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity

be it cause of interests or economical reasons - to be able to come and enjoy this performance.

I hope to see that a lot of people attend, both from within and outside the prefecture.

“FUNADE NO TOKIGANE” General Director Kohshou NANAMI