Engage in a debate on Satsuma's traditional culture    19hoo

Izumi HARAGUCHI Japan early modern history and modernization historian, Kagoshima Prefectural Library director

Ichiro ZUSHO great4-grandchild Hirosato ZUSHOSwords KatanaSo researcher

Contemporary dance and traditional music concerts  20hoo


Yoshihide SHIMADZU


Satsuma biwa player.

The 13th head of the Kajiki Shimadzu family.


Chief priest of the Kuwashihoko Shrine, dedicated to the feudal warlord Yoshihiro Shimadzu.

Chairman of UNICEF Kagoshima. Lecturer at Kagoshima International University,

as well as Kagoshima Prefectural Junior College.






Appearance History / Works:

2002 ‒ Received an invitation by NGO International Organization of Folk Art UNESCO (Wien, Austria)

2004 ‒ SIGGRAPH 2004 Yoichirou Kawaguchi Opening Reception (Los Angeles, USA)

2005 ‒ Nikkei 100 years pre-event “Nyoraku” (Paraguay and Brazil)、

2007 ‒ Satsuma Shochu Night (Paris, France)

2011 ‒ KATANA「 刀」RECEPTION in The Peninsula Hong Kong

2014 ‒ Performance together with The Philharmonics (Kagoshima, Japan)

Movie work:

Choshu Five - Martial Arts Instructor

Chest - Supervisor

Hanjiro - Martial Arts Instructor


Satsuma no Hiken (The Secret Sword of Satsuma) ‒ Author

Josetsu II Tokushū Kagoshima (Special Feature Kagoshima, Rendition II) ‒ Co-author

Satsuma no Kiseki (The Miracle of Satsuma) ‒ Co-author


Kohshou NANAMI


Dancer. Choreographer.

Artistic Director of Association danseSauvage.


Currently residing in Paris, Kohshou was taught by Taketeru KUDO, a former dancer at Asbestokan. Asbestokan was a studio founded by Tatsumi HIJIKATA. (A dancer and choreographer who founded the contemporary dance genre Butoh). Tatsumi HIJIKATA (1928-1986), who developed the methods for Butoh, was also an instructor who taught them to others. Kohshou NANAMI is a unique dancer in France for practicing these methods.  By utilizing the potential of the instinctive movements that lie latent inside the body,

he creates an expression that is calm on the surface, on the inside, extremely fierce.  Not bothered by space or time, this subtle confrontation,

as well as his ability to control his movements with absolute minuteness is viewed highly upon in the world of contemporary dance.



2011-2013 - Official participant of Festival d'Avignon off, the world's biggest festival dedicated to performing arts.

2013 ‒ Created the piece “Un jeûneur” together with the troupe ZUMAI from Southern France.

2014 ‒ Invited to perform at Festival Printemps des arts de Monte-Carlo

Apart from works where he appears himself, Kohshou NANAMI has also had an active hand in other

projects such as「 N/S」, a collaboration work with Yukio SUZUKI which he did the choreography for,

as well as other collaboration projects outside his own field.


Scenic art / Sadayuki HAGIHARA . Hana TAHARASAKO

Sound and lighting / BUKEN CO,LTD